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Paradise Cay Publications  |  SKU: FER120

Cockpit Companion, 2nd edition (Pocket Sized Guide)

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This is a compact and handy summary of all the skipper and crew need to know - or find out quickly - when cruising.
  • It covers everything from lights, shapes, and sound signals to knots, ropes, and engine troubleshooting (and much more).
  • With diagrams and illustrations throughout, this quick reference guide will help to keep you safe when out at sea.
  • Re-designed and thoroughly updated, this second edition contains the most up-to-date information in an easy-to-understand format - ideal for those moments when you need an answer, and you need it fast!
  • It's also splash-proof, making it the perfect reference guide to keep onboard.
Chapters on safety and distress calls will put everyone's minds at rest, and sections covering seamanship and ropework will ensure all onboard understand what is going on, and are able to give a helping hand.