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Datrex  |  SKU: DXL4VR

DATREX Liberty Offshore Life Raft 4-12 Person

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The Datrex Liberty Liferafts comply with ISO9650-1 standard (Type1, Group A), fully accepted by ISAF. All Datrex rafts come with a 12-year warranty when serviced at least every 3 years by an authorized Datrex service facility.


  • Super Compact
  • Approved according to ISAF ISO9650-1 (Type I, Group A)
  • Easy access boarding ramp, ladder, and handholds
  • High visibility- LED Exterior -and Interior Light
  • Equipped with 4 integral water ballast bags
  • 3-zone fully separated inflation chambers
  • Rainwater collection
  • SOLAS reflective strips across the entire structure
  • Supplied with an emergency pack that meets minus 24hr specs:
  • Optional grab bag for plus 24hr requirement for offshore sail racing
  • All rafts are equipped with a sea anchor/line/swivel, Rescue Quoit with the heaving line, Safety Knife, and Internal and External high-intensity LED lights.
  • All Datrex life rafts come standard vacuum packed at the time of order for the freshest dates and are available in Valise or Fiberglass Container. Polished stainless steel cradle with lashing and Hydrostatic Release Unit (HRU) is available as an option.