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Life Raft Questions

Ship times may vary. If in stock, life rafts typically ship in about 3-5 business days. If you need a life raft by a specific time and want to make sure it will arrive before that date, please email us at

Please review product pages very thoroughly. All Product pages will state how often service is required.

Most recreational life rafts require recommended service every three years to maintain the manufacturer's warranty. The cost can vary, we recommend reaching out to a local service station to get an accurate quote.

All Commercial life rafts or USCG Approved life rafts require their initial service 2 years after purchase; Annual service intervals thereafter.

The cost can vary, we recommend reaching out to a local service station to get an accurate quote.

Please "Click" the Brand of Life Raft you have below to find your closest Life Raft Service Station.

AVI Survival Products


Lalizas Life-Saving

Ocean Safety

Revere Survival Inc.

Superior Life-Saving

Survitec Group

Viking Life-Saving Equipment

To inflate a life raft that has a painter line coming out of its valise, follow these steps:

1. Do not attempt to take the life raft out of its container or valise. locate the line coming from your container or valise and secure it to your vessel, so that once the life raft is deployed, it won't drift away.

2. Place the entire unit into the water and pull out the painter line, which should be about 10 meters long.

3. Once you have pulled all of the line from the container or valise, give it a firm and quick tug to activate the inflation mechanism. This will result in the life raft quickly inflating and filling with air.

Note: Some life rafts have automatic inflation mechanisms that will activate automatically when the painter line is pulled or when the raft comes into contact with water. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for your specific life raft.

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