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Ocean Safety  |  SKU: 45-RAF0405

Ocean Safety Ultralite ISO Life Raft, 6-12 Person

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The Ocean ISO UltraLite life raft utilizes carbon composite technology, resulting in a remarkable weight reduction when compared to traditional Ocean ISO liferafts. Additionally, it boasts a state-of-the-art inflation system for a swift and efficient inflation process.

This life raft has earned third-party approval from the Notified Body RINA, meeting ISO9650 Type I Group A requirements. Beyond providing a lightweight solution for yacht designers, it's worth noting that larger life rafts are now more manageable and easier to deploy, thanks to these innovations.


  • Designed, tested, and manufactured in the UK, meeting ISO 9650 standards
  • Crafted with PU Nylon laminate for durability
  • Equipped with an insulated floor for comfort
  • Features a SOLAS compliant internal and external lighting system
  • Includes a robust boarding ladder with aluminum tubing for easy access
  • Knee scoop design with grab handles for quick boarding
  • Hermetically sealed for maximum safety
  • Highly visible in vibrant yellow and orange colors
  • Rainwater collection system
  • Enhanced stability with 4/5 x 75-liter ballast pockets
  • Fitted with retro-reflective tape for added visibility
  • 3-year service interval for peace of mind
  • Backed by a reassuring 20-year warranty"

Included in Equipment Pack
Equipment Multiples
Buoyant Knife 1
Bailer 1
Sponges 2
Paddles 2
Whistle 1
Torches 1
Heliograph 1
Anti seasick pills 6pp
Seasick bag 1pp
Red h/h flares 3
Para rocket flares 2
Repair kit 1
Bellows 1
Throwing line - 30m 1
Drogue 1