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Billy Pugh Co.  |  SKU: 21445

Vinyl Dipped Vest with Internal Webbing - USCG approved Type V

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Billy Pugh Co. - Vinyl Dipped Vest with Internal Webbing, USCG approved Type V


  • USCG Approved
  • Coated with vinyl which is tough, fire retardant, self-extinguishing, highly abrasive resistant and easily cleaned.
  • Material is resistant to oil, gasoline and basic chemicals.
  • Adjustable 1 " black nylon webbing straps securely sewn with nylon thread, helping to prevent rot and mildew
  • Work vest incorporates a "Slot" in the back so that the D-Ring of a body harness can pass through it.
  • Heavy-duty aluminum slides & acetal closures resist corrosion.
  • Marking and labeling is screen printed in water-resistant, vinyl ink.
  • Weight 2 lbs.
  • Sizing to fit chest size 35” to 50”
  • Buoyance of 18 lbs.

General Guidelines for WVO-50 & WVO-100 Inspection:

  • Pull on the nylon webbing and stitching, if it tears or the stitching breaks…the vest should be replaced.
  • If the work-vest has damage to the flotation then it should be replaced.
  • If the flotation looks as though it is “flat” and has lost buoyancy, replace it.
  • If the work-vest shows excessive wear, replace it.
  • Keeping the work-vests out of the sun when not being used will help them last and perform better than constant exposure to UV.

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