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AQUASPEC Electronic Rescue Signal Light

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Portable visual distress signal device for boats to output white light SOS signal under emergency situations at night. Manually activated, it can work continuously for more than 20 hours. USCG Approved to conform to title 46 CFR 161.013 and approved for carriage (33 CFR 175.130) to substitute or replace pyrotechnic marine flares used for required nighttime visual distress signals for vessels up to 65’ in length.


  • Powerful white flashing LED dome light
  • Manually activated
  • 20 hours of continual operation
  • IP67 waterproof and self-floating
  • Fixing tether designed for easy attachment
  • Functional, simple, compact design
  • Tamper-proof
  • Runs on 2 x C-Cell batteries 

Product Documents

AQUASPEC Electronic Rescue Signal Light
AQUASPEC Electronic Rescue Signal Light Spec Sheet Click to View
AQUASPEC Electronic Rescue Signal Light - Type Approval Certificate Click to View
AQUASPEC Electronic Rescue Signal Light - EMC Compliance Click to View


Technical Specification
Battery User Replaceable 2 C-cell batteries for operation (not included)
Light source LED
Chromaticity White
Flash Frequency 50 - 70 times/min
Luminous Intensity ≥0.75.cd (10km visual distance)
Operation Time ≥20h over 0.75cd (room temp)
Temperature Range 30.2°F – 86°F (-1°C – 30°C)
Weight 10 oz. operational
Dimension 2.4 in x 8.1 in
Activation Manually twist the light to turn on or off
Waterproof Level IP67
Performance Fire-resistant, Oil-resistant, Mycete-proof, Corrosion-proof, Water-proof
Environmental Performance Meets RoHS and Asbestos-free requirement
Standards USCG 46 CFR 161.013; COLREGS 72 ANNEX 4
Certifications USCG, MED, CCS