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Atlantic Islands: 7th Edition

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Atlantic Islands is a long-established cruising guide to the five island groups of the North Atlantic, commonly visited by those sailing the popular Atlantic crossing routes but increasingly enjoyed as cruising destinations in their own right. From the sun-baked lagoons of Bermuda to the verdant slopes of the Azores and Madeira, from the fiery landscapes of the Canaries to the less visited coastlines of the Cape Verdes, this seventh edition has thoroughly updated text and plans and is illustrated with numerous new photographs. Co-authors of the sixth edition, Anne Hammick and Hilary Keatinge, have been joined by Linda Lane Thornton who lives on and cruises in the Azores. Together they enrich the coverage overall with their first-hand knowledge of each of the island groups. An essential companion for those planning a cruise on any of the North Atlantic island groups, even more so for anyone planning an Atlantic crossing or circuit.
The seventh edition of Atlantic Islands builds on solid foundations…The co-authors know their group of islands inside-out and it shows in the depth of content and recommendations within the guide.

If you are planning on crossing the Atlantic and don’t yet have a copy, then this new seventh edition should be on your pre-departure shopping list. “It is difficult to fault this pilot. It is clearly and consistently laid out the navigational directions are concise and accurate, and the Introductions and History of each archipelago and each island are interesting and whet one’s appetite for exploration. It is an excellent, informative, and enjoyable companion for any Atlantic cruising sailor.” Flying Fish Magazine (Ocean Cruising Club)