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AVI Survival Products  |  SKU: 1900B-1

AVI Survival Aviation Life Raft 9 Person - NON TSO

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Survival it and Canopy

All AVI Life Rafts are built to order. Please contact us for the current lead time.

AVI Survival Products NON-TSO Life Raft are the lightest and smallest rafts in the Survival Products lineup. The Life Rafts are a great choice for those who fall under the Part 91 Category and for those pleasure boaters wishing to feel at ease if an emergency arises at sea.

The 9 Person model has a single-tube inflatable design, constructed with the latest Urethane coated Nylon Fabric, with a single tube design that are attached using hot air welding. Welding the fabric together tightly seals the seams together giving a seamless finish. Each raft includes a stabilizing Water Ballast system, a hand pump, a bailing bucket, a sea anchor, secured life-lines on the exterior perimeter of the raft for use of survivors in the water, and an inflation/retaining line that is attached to a high strength patch on the raft to prevent drifting. The CO2 Inflation System is packed in an Aluminum cylinder to reduce corrosion while packed and in use. The Soft-Pack Orange Valise is made of heavy-duty polyester fabric with secured Velcro closures for a tightly packed raft.

These rafts are engineered to reduce overall weight and deliver a compact design for easy transport and stowage for any aircraft compartment. AVI life rafts come with a 5-year warranty on parts and labor, built to last a lifetime with proper care.


  • The lightest and smallest package on the market today, designed for private pilots and pleasure boaters.

  • Comprised of buoyancy tube, deck, life lines, CO2 inflation system, boarding handles, retaining line, hand pump, a bailing bucket, sea anchor, and valise.

  • Lightest weight and most compact - easy to carry, stow away, and maneuver in any emergency situation.

  • Soft-pack valise made of practically indestructible nylon with secure Velcro closures.

  • Constructed of heavy-duty FAA-approved neoprene coated nylon fabric.

  • Optional highly visible orange canopy to aid in search and rescue operations.

  • Contains aluminum cylinders and valves eliminating corrosion and greatly reducing the weight.

  • High-tech CO2 automatic inflation system.

  • Optional survival kits are available to meet individual requirements.

  • 5-year warranty on parts and labor, built to last a lifetime with proper care.

  • 3-year service interval.

Included items in all raft styles:

  • Buoyancy Tube
  • Deck
  • CO2 Inflation System
  • Canopy
  • Canopy Mast
  • Valise
  • Boarding Handles
  • Retaining Line
  • Hand Pump
  • Bailing Bucket
  • Sea Anchor
  • Lifelines

     Raft Dimensions and Weight:

    Style Dimensions (H x W x L) In. Weight Part #
    Basic/ NO KIT 7" x 13" x 15" 20 lbs 1900B-1
    Canopy/ NO KIT 7" x 13" x 15" 21 lbs 1900B-3
    Standard Kit 9" x 13" x 15" 31 lbs 1900B-1/2000B-2
    Standard Plus Kit 9" x 13" x 15" 32 lbs


    Deluxe Survival Kit 9" x 13" x 15" 34 lbs 1900B-1/2000B-6

    **Required Raft Compartment Size = Add 1-2” to all around life raft dimensions. Raft required weight +/- 2lbs.