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Paradise Cay Publications  |  SKU: WPL0317

Basic Navigation Set #317

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The Basic Navigation Set provides the essential navigation instruments required for basic navigation, such as finding position, range, and bearing to a destination. The set, packaged in a clear, reusable plastic case, includes four tools; the Weems Protractor (255) (an updated version of Breton and Portland plotters), a parallel rule (145) for finding bearing and direction, a 6-inch divider (262) for measuring distance plus a navigation pencil.

Kit includes one of each of the following: 

  • Weems Protractor (255)
  • 15-inch Parallel Rule (145)
  • 6-inch Matte Nickel Divider with fixed points (262)
  • #2 pencil, pencil sharpener & instructions in a plastic pouch
  • Lifetime warranty