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C. Sherman Johnson  |  SKU: 101230

C. Sherman Johnson "Captain Hook" Chain Snubber Small Snubber Hook f/1/4" 5/16" Chain w/12 of 1/2" 3 Strand Nylon

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"Captain Hook" Chain Snubber Small Snubber Hook for 1/4" & 5/16" Chain with 12' of 1/2" 3 Strand Nylon

The "Captain Hook" Chain Snubber can be used in a few different ways:

  • Use the claw and attached line to relieve tension from your windlass while anchored by snubbing the chain overboard and tying off the line to a cleat or samson post on deck
  • Use the snubber on deck for security to hold the chain in your anchor roller and tie off on a cleat while underway for peace of mind
  • Relieve the tension on the windlass (like in 1) by attaching the snubber to the chain in the anchor roller and pulling back and tying it off securely

All T-316 stainless. Version with 3-strand nylon line includes professional eye splice.

Note: Always keep the bitter end of the anchor chain secure in the windlass while using the chain snubber.