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CCA Cruising Guide to The Gulf of St. Lawrence

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What Makes The Gulf Such A Special Area To Cruise?

The Gulf has a huge range of beautiful scenery and countess well-protected harbors and anchorages. Animal, bird, and undersea creatures abound, plus the weather is kinder than out on the Atlantic coast. It has a colorful history—amalgamating many cultures, from First Nations people to British, Irish, and French explorers, and today with people from all parts of the globe.

 What Makes This CCA Guide Worth Having Aboard?

It includes details and chartlets for over 200 harbors. It covers all parts of the Gulf and River below Quebec. It extends to the Belle Isles Strait near Newfoundland and encompasses the fascinating islands of PEI and Isles des madeleine. The guide is filled with useful facts and recommendations gleaned from years of continuous publishing and regular updates. It is available only in this printed book format.