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Paradise Cay Publications  |  SKU: PDV007

Get Ready to Cruise (DVD)

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Join Lin and Larry Pardey on board their cruising boat Taleisin and at their home base in New Zealand as they share ideas and hints to make hour boat safer, easier to handle, and more enjoyable to use. . On board Taleisin-the boat that has been their home for 85,000 miles of voyaging-they demonstrate galley upgrades, table design ideas, comfortable seating arrangements, and ways to improve ventilation below deck. On deck learn how sail and ground-tackle handling can be made easier for even the smallest crew member. Larry discusses sun protection, rain collection, and line handling. Lin provides advise on buying and storing provisions and hints for keeping you and your crew dry, warm, clean and well rested. . Shot in the Pittwater (north of Sydney, Australia) and at Fremantle, as well as at their homebase in New Zealand where they are resoring and racing a 114 year old yacht, this DVD incorporates the best ideas from their highly praised videos, including Cruising with Lin and Larry and the Care and Feeding of Sailing Crew. The programs have been re-edited and remastered, and supplemented with new information from these master voyagers who now have more than 180,000 miles under their belts, including a contrary -to-the-wind voyage below the great southern capes. . Come along and share some of the secrets that, even after forty years afloat, make the Pardeys eager to keep cruising ". . . as long as it's fun