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Icom 6-Unit Rapid Multi-Charger f/M37 Handheld Radios

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6-Unit Rapid Multi-Charger for M37 Handheld Radios

The BC-238 is a 12V six-slot multi-charger for the IC-M37 Marine VHF radio.

As well as providing a convenient tool for charging multiple IC-M37E handhelds, it also provides an ideal and logical location for storing multiple radios while in or out of use. Six slot chargers reduce the chance that someone might need to track down a misplaced radio by offering users the option to slot a radio back in its charger when a conversation is "over and out" or indeed when a day’s work or sailing is over.

The BC-238 charger is an ideal charging/storage solution for many applications. Commercial users or sailing and yacht clubs plus activity centers or organizations that will use the IC-M37E for their daily activities.

The BC-238 comes as standard with six built-in AD-138 charger cups and a 12V power lead, it complies with the EC60945 standard which is required for marine equipment and is intended to be powered on board from a 12V supply.

For those who wish to use 230V mains power, please ask for a BC-157-M37 which is available separately.