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Lalizas  |  SKU: LAL72201

LALIZAS Leisure Life Raft, 4-6 Person

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Ideal for in-shore boating, the LALIZAS high quality standard Leisure-Raft is perfect for those that don’t need a full feature liferaft. It is the smallest, lightest and most inexpensive liferaft in the market. 

LALIZAS Leisure-Raft with its light weight allows for easy deployment, and the compact size makes storage easy in the smallest spaces.

  • TPED approved CO2 cylinder for easy transport.
  • Thermobonding technique that ensures extreme durability and reliability.
  • SOLAS Approved water activated compact led light.
  • All Rafts have been manufactured in the past year and service is recommended every 3 years from its manufacturing date.

Standard Equipment:

  • 20 ft. (6m) Painter line
  • Hand pump - Sea anchor (1 piece)
  • Raft knife (1 piece)
  • Pressure relief valve (1 piece)
  • CO2 Inflation system
  • Water-activated locator light
  • Ballast bags (2 pieces)
  • Case (1 piece)