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SeaSure FLO Tell Tale - 6 Pack

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FLO Tell Tale - 6 Pack

The telltale is a product that has not evolved, been updated, or been improved since it was designed, despite major flaws, until now.

SeaSure’s "FLO" tell tales are shaped like an aerofoiled teardrop and manufactured from glass-filled nylon. The rounded top surface of the teardrop allows the wool to stand 6mm off the sail so that the wool never gets stuck to the sail when it is wet. This means that whether it is raining or you have just recovered from a capsize, you will be able to carry on sailing and get the feedback you need from the sail right away.

FLO has been designed by former America's Cup designer and current coach of the British Olympic Team, Derek Clark. FLO has been tested and used around the world by world champions.


  • Package Includes: 3 red and 3 green telltales
  • Weight: 0.02kg