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SeaSure Tiller Lock Gun - Grey

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Tiller Lock Gun - Grey

This tiller lock maintains the rugged reliability of the original and brings the design fully up to date.

  • Design suitable for any tiller-steered yacht or sports boat
  • A simple mechanism allows the tiller to be set and adjusted, which is indispensable for short-handed sailing
  • The innovative design incorporates a snubber, which holds a far better course than simply lashing the tiller

A variety of methods for fixing or locking the tiller have been used over the years, and many have only been adequate. Improvements in performance involving short keels and dagger rudders are often transom-hung and suffer from an unfortunate handicap. With no skeg and no shelf, but with a sensitive rudder, a boat will fall off her elegant balancing act if the helmsman lets go of the tiller. The increased sensitivity and faster response of newer boat designs call for a better system. Such a system should:

1. Allow precise locking of the tiller with minimum difficulty.

2. Be quick and simple to operate when locking and particularly when releasing.

3. If possible, the system should be able to be detached instantly from the tiller in the event of any emergency.

This Tiller Lock rope lock was designed to meet these points. The device consists of a sheave and lever cam with a toothed slider mounted in a block that is fitted beneath the tiller. The rope is fitted across the back part of the cockpit as a means of keeping it under tension. When locked onto the rope, the toothed slider prevents the tiller from moving in either direction.


  • Releasing the lock (by turning the lever to port) immediately frees the tiller and allows the rope to ride freely over the sheave for manual steering
  • In an emergency or when the device is not required, the rope can easily be snapped out of the block by a downward pull, clearing the tiller


  • Weight: 0.2kg
  • Color: Grey