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Survitec  |  SKU: 905378

SurvitecZodiac USCG/ SOLAS A Life Raft, 4 - 10 Person

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All USCG Approved life rafts are built to order. Please contact us for the current lead time for this particular life raft.

Built to meet the needs of small passenger vessels, fishing vessels and high speed craft the SurvitecZodiac liferaft is the first choice for many operators.

Designed and manufactured out of our highly successful manufacturing facility in Chevanceaux, France, the SurvitecZodiac liferaft is chosen for its advanced design and unique method of construction. Additionally, due to the fabric weight and structure, SurvitecZodiac throw over liferafts are easy to service and fit in light, small sized but strong, glass reinforced containers.

The Throw Over option of this raft can be dropped from a height of up to 36 meters and meets all of the required approval standards. 


  • Manufactured using a durable polyurethane coated fabric
  • Assembled using Thermobonding™ (advanced hot assembly technique)
  • Consistent (computer-controlled technique)
  • Inert to aging factors in the marine environments
  • Extremely strong and safe when loaded
  • Easy to service and fit in small light glass reinforced container
  • Can be dropped from up to 36 meters
  • Grab bags are sealed in strong watertight bags, secured inside the liferaft
  • Available in white, grey or black container color options

NOTE:  Current production time on this liferaft is 2 to 3 weeks from the order date. Please allow additional time for shipping. Please contact us for availability on specific sizes or models.

Equipment Pack Contents

SOLAS A Equipment Pack Quantity
Sea Anchor (Automatically Deployed) 1
Floating/Heaving Line (Length 100 ft.) 1
Rain Water Collector 1
Floatable Knife 1
Waterproof Equipment Bag 1
Raft Use Instructions 1
Individual Thermal Protective Aids 2
Floatable Paddles (1 pair) 1
Manual Inflation/Bilge Pump 1
Repair Clamps 6
Adhesive & Patch Repair Kit 1
Waterproof Flashlight 1
Spare Flashlight Bulb 1
Spare Flashlight "D" Cell Batteries 3
Sponges 2
Bailer 1
Seasick Bags 1 Per Person
Water Storage Bag 1
Thermal Protective Aid 1
Heliograph Mirror (For Signalling) 1
First Aid Kit 1
Signaling Whistle 1
Anti-Seasickness Pills 6 per Person
Spare Sea Anchor 1
Graduated Drinking Cup 1
Drinking Water 6-20 Person Capacity– 1½ litres per person
Food Ration 10 kJ per Person
Can Opener 1
Fishing Kit 1
SOLAS Handheld Flares 6
SOLAS Rocket Parachute Flare 4
Buoyant Smoke Signal 2

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Henry Dimarco
DiMarco life raft

Raft was shipped on time and in perfect condition