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Toadfish  |  SKU: 98618

Toadfish Shuckers Bundle - Put Em Back Oyster Knife, Professional Oyster Knife Cut-Proof Shucking Cloth

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Shucker's Bundle - Put 'Em Back Oyster Knife, Professional Oyster Knife & Cut-Proof Shucking Cloth

The Toadfish Shucker’s Bundle combines the most innovative oyster-shucking tools on the market into one set. The patented designs make preparing oysters easier, safer, and more enjoyable. Developed by generations of oystermen, these oyster knives are a favorite among professional cooks, oyster farmers, and home cooks. 

Toadfish Model Number: TFSHUCKERSBDLE


  • These knives combine all the elements of a traditional oyster shucker with a modern look at ergonomics and the physics of shucking an oyster perfectly and safely 
  • This artfully crafted multiple-purpose knife will shuck raw or steamed oysters
  •  A sharp blade will cut them out of the shell with ease 
  • Paired with the Toadfish cut-proof shucking cloth, this bundle has everything you need

Products Included:

Put 'Em Back Oyster Knife 

A fresh look at ergonomics with a bent tip design provides a comfortable grip for easy oyster shucking.

Professional Edition Oyster Knife 

Designed for opening thicker-shelled oysters and use in commercial-volume kitchens for experienced shuckers, the Toadfish professional edition oyster knife is for serious oystermen. This commercial oyster knife features a thicker blade design than the signature Put Em’ Back™ Oyster Knife with less flex, more shucking power, and increased leverage. 

Cut Proof Shucking Cloth

Cut-proof and puncture-resistant cloth designed for safely opening shellfish. Replaces gloves and disposable towels and is anti-microbial, machine washable, and opens oysters safely and in style.