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Viking RescYou™ Coastal Life Raft, 6 Person

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Whether you are sailing inland waters or cruising near coastal, the Viking RescYou Coastal Life Raft will provide safety and security to your nautical lifestyle. Approved according to ISO 9650-2, this coastal life raft includes all you need for coastal or inland cruising near rescue points where rescue is expected within 24 hours. Easy to transport and fit on board.


  • Type: Coastal yachting life raft.
  • Color: Fluorescent yellow canopy and ballast bags improve visibility. Black buoyancy compartments with white lifelines.
  • Sizes: 6 persons.
  • Materials: Natural rubber and acrylic/silicon-coated nylon Ballast.
  • bags: 4 large quick filling bags - each containing 55 liters – for maximum stability.
  • Retro-reflective tape: Fitted with SOLAS high-visibility retro-reflective tape on roof, sides, bottom, and buoyancy compartments.
  • Lights: Internal and external automatic light.
  • Emergency pack: Equipped with a basic coastal emergency pack (ISO 9650-2)
  • Storage options: Packed in a fiberglass container or a handy water-resistant valise

    Special Features:

    • Automatically inflating canopy
    • three separate inflating air chambers 
    • Rigid boarding ramp with ladder for easy access. 
    • Large opening for easy accessibility from the water or vessel, as well as a small opening that provides cross ventilation and view of the horizon
    • Easy slide zippers close from the bottom-up enabling the ability to increase freeboard. 
    • Internal and external lifelines

    Due to the loss of quality control promised to each customer there are no returns on Immersion Suits or Life Raft orders. Please make sure you are ordering the correct size.