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Zodiac  |  SKU: LZODRZ33026

Zodiac IBA USCG (Large Capacity)

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Zodiac IBA USCG (Large Capacity)

The Survitec Survival Products (SSP) ShoreMaster IBA, the Elliot, the SurvitecZodiac, and the Crewsaver Inflatable Buoyant Apparatuses (IBAs) offer double buoyancy chambers which are constructed from specially formulated polyurethane (PU) proofed nylon fabric, which is highly resistant to abrasion and impervious to corrosion in the marine environment. Welded seams make this raft impervious to wear and tear.


  • Designed for small passenger vessels, high speed crafts and fishing vessels
  • Approved by the main Maritime Administrations
  • Immediately boardable after drop (with paramount evacuation time)
  • Manufactured with a durable polyurethane fabric
  • Assembled using Thermobonding TM (advanced hot assembly technique), our ORILs are:
  • Consistent (computer-controlled technique)
  • Inert to aging factors in marine environments
  • Easy to service and fit in small light glass reinforced plastic containers
  • Equipment packs sealed in watertight bags, secured inside the liferafts
  • Approved EPIRB on request



Size Length Width Height Weight
10-Man Round Container 40.2" 17.4" 18.8" 102 lbs
10-Man LP Container 35.1" 12.5" 20.5" 102 lbs
20-Man Round Container 45.7" 20.2" 22.1" 168 lbs
20-Man LP Container 38" 15" 23.5" 166 lbs
30-Man Round Container 54.7" 21.5" 22.2" 266.8 lbs
30-Man LP Container 47.2" 16.3" 25.6" 273.4 lbs
50-Man Round Container 51.5" 27" 28.1" 385.8 lbs
100-Man Round Container 66.5" 29.9" 30.5" 747.4 lbs

Equipment Kit Contents

Raft Equipment
Compact Paddles
Safety Knife
Heaving Line
Rescue Quoit
Extra Batteries / Bulbs
Anti-Seasick Tablets
Emergency Instructions
Hand Pump
2 Sponges
Repair Kit
Sea Anchor
2 PRV Bungs
Signal Mirror